Dear editor,

I was shocked and appalled when I read the Journal Gazette’s newspaper article “Off target: Ending gun permits a singularly bad idea.” This is House Bill 1369 legislation to eliminate handgun licensing.

This bill is authorized by Auburn Republican Ben Smaltz and co-authorized by Rep. Matt Lehman, R-Berne.

This is a “senseless” bill that would allow dangerous people to carry loaded guns in public without a gun permit. It would be like handing out guns at every corner. This legislation, if passed, will be like throwing gasoline on a burning fire. As it is, there are too many unregistered guns out in the community. Violence is on the rise in our community, state and national. We as citizens must have accountability in everything we do as a society. I am a fishing person. I must obtain a fishing license to fish in the lakes of this state even as a senior. We have and we need licenses for control and have some kind of accountability.

Why do the politicians think this is necessary? What is the reason for proposing this insane legislation?

Is it greed? Or is it to gain more votes from those who care less about our society?

We as citizens must speak out against bill 1369. We cannot remain silent. Call your state representatives and tell them you oppose this bill.

Rosa A. Gerra, Fort Wayne

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