Nov. 1

6 extra patrols

02:53 Audible alarm, 2300 BO Northyard Court

12:15 Personal injury crash, Carroll Road at Mossy Oak Run

23:56 Traffic stop, Carroll and Bethel roads

Nov. 2

2 extra patrols

00:40 Parked vehicle, 11900 BO SR 3

00:48 Open door, 12700 BO SR 3

05:43 Property damage crash, Gump Road at Verano Place

15:32 Traffic stop, Bethel and Carroll roads

Nov. 3

12:30 Meet, 12100 BO Lima Crossing Drive

Nov. 4

1 extra patrol

11:30 Pickup found items, Woods Road and Towne Gardens Drive

18:53 Traffic stop, SR 3 at Gump Road

Nov. 5

4 extra patrols

10:56 Suspicious vehicle, 15700 BO Lima Road

14:02 911 hang up, 4000 BO Hathaway Road

18:04 Personal injury crash, Cedar Canyons Road at SR 3

23:06 Traffic stop, Bethel and Carroll roads

Nov. 6

4 extra patrols

08:49 Traffic stop, SR 3 at Hathaway Road

09:14 Traffic stop, SR 3 at Hathaway Road

17:26 Harassment, 15400 BO Lima Road

22:49 Suspicious person/occupied vehicle, 2800 BO Carroll Road

22:57 Reckless driving, Bethel and Carroll roads

Nov. 7

5 extra patrols

19:33 Nuisance, Woods and Lima roads

21:53 Traffic stop, Carroll Road at Tapered Bank Run

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