Commissioners earn award

From left, Allen County Commissioners Therese Brown, Rich Beck and Nelson Peters show copies of the 2020 Indiana Association of County Commissioners’ Achievement Award for Outstanding Team Effort they received Jan. 25 from outgoing IACC President Kendall Culp.

The Allen County Board of Commissioners has been named the recipient of the 2020 Indiana Association of County Commissioners’ Achievement Award for Outstanding Team Effort.

The commissioners were recognized for showing “great tenacity, drive and cooperation with multiple government and public entities” to complete the first two phases of the Bass Road Corridor project over a 10-year period.

The first two phases of the project on Bass Road stretched from Hadley Road to Clifty Parkway.

The work included widening the road from two to three lanes; constructing two roundabouts, one of which included a railroad crossing; adding a multi-use path; and widening the Bass Road Bridge over Interstate 69.

Railroad engineers and executives initially offered much pushback regarding the preferred design concept for the Bass-Hadley-Yellow River roads intersection. The preferred concept included a roundabout with a railroad crossing replacing the “K” style intersection that had two skewed railroad crossings.

Only a handful of such roundabouts exist in the United States, so commissioners held numerous meetings and authorized an additional safety analysis to convince railroad officials that this was the optimal solution. Railroad buy-in for the design finally came when the INDOT Rail Office approved the roundabout design.

With the first two phases completed, the project has already improved traffic flow and safety in the area. No accidents caused by the roundabout operations have been reported in the first year of the Bass-Hadley-Yellow River roundabout being open to traffic.

Outgoing IACC President Kendall Culp presented the award to the commissioners at their office Jan. 25. Because last year’s IACC conference was cancelled due to COVID-19, Culp is making special trips across the state to present awards.

The Indiana Association of County Commissioners is a nonprofit organization established to provide the best education, leadership support, and advocacy services for county commissioners to strengthen their influence throughout Indiana.

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