Huntertown employees

The town of Huntertown recognized three of its employees last week for their years of dedication to the town. Pictured from the left are Darren Dafforn (five years of service), Rosemary Scheele (20 years) and AJ Arnett (five years).

Both the town of Huntertown and the Huntertown Fire Department recognized outstanding members and employees at the end of this year.

The Huntertown Fire Department typically gives out awards during its annual Christmas party. This year, the department delivered awards to three individuals to uphold the tradition.

Bryan Peterson was named 2020 Medic of the Year in recognition of his willingness to assist on critical and non-critical incidents for the betterment of all patients and fellow peers. Peterson was also recognized for his input and work with the department’s EMS chief and medical director to help progress the department’s paramedic service.

“Bryan not only does well by leading but his ability to teach those around him through example is a quality that sets him apart from most,” the department wrote in a Facebook post.

Reed Davis, a 2018 graduate of Carroll High School who was sworn in as a member of the department last year, was named 2020 Firefighter of the Year, “In recognition of being a true senior Private by giving leadership and guidance to newer firefighters. While doing so, Reed constantly pursues to be better through training, continued education and taking advice from those around him.”

Ken Hendricks was named 2020 Member of the Year, “In recognition of serving the department in all aspects of service. Carrying a true passion to help those around him no matter the situation at hand. In addition to Ken’s willingness to not only teach but learn any and all facets of public safety, Ken has pushed himself past the limits of comfort in order to be a more well-rounded and useful member to the department.”

Also during the last week of December, the town of Huntertown recognized three employees for reaching milestones with the town: Darren Dafforn (five years of service), Rosemary Scheele (20 years of service) and AJ Arnett (five years of service).

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