The century was brand new when the Huntertown Treasure Hunt was launched. The Y2K non-disaster was already forgotten in our rear view mirrors, “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC was on the radio, and “Almost Famous” was playing at the movies. Some of the Treasure Hunters for this year’s search were not even born yet!

Treasure Hunt 21 has a new twist. Sherry Myers of Well Grounded Cafe has joined up with Lima Road Dentistry. Drs. Dan Veerkamp, Angie King and Hal Atkinson welcome the new partnership. The legendary Huntertown Treasure Hunt trophy and Hall of Fame now reside in the comfy confines of Well Grounded Cafe. It is a much more relaxed atmosphere than the reception area of a dental office, especially in these COVID-19 days.

Let’s review the rules, then move on to clue No. 1 so you can win $318.37.

1. The Treasure note will be in a 35mm film canister.

2. The canister will be hidden within the corporate limits of Huntertown.

3. It will be hidden on public property or public access property.

4. The Treasure Hunt is open to anyone.

5. The Treasure Hunt will continue until someone finds the canister.

6. The finder should call the phone number on the treasure note contained in the canister.

7. “Public access property” is defined as private property that the public can walk on where it is unlikely they will be yelled at by the owner.

Let the hunting begin! (Bugle fanfare.)

Clue 1:

The Treasure Hunt begins. You have a puzzle to do!

Entertainment options are slim, thanks to the Wuhan Flu.

Well Grounded has teamed with Lima Road Dentistry.

We’ll push you to grow your deductive artistry!

Slide into this mystery and you’ll be gladder.

Finding me this year won’t require a ladder.

I’m south of the bridge on the north side of town.

And north of the spot last year’s Treasure was found.

Well, that’s surely enough for clue number one.

It’s time to get out and start having some fun.

The rules are above. They’re really not hard.

You won’t find me hidden in anyone’s yard!

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