When your stomach is happy, your heart will also be happy.

So says Lola Flores, owner of the new restaurant Lola’s Cafe located at 2801 Lower Huntington Road in the Waynedale section of Fort Wayne.

The restaurant introduced its Latin fusion options with a soft opening in November, and now offers its specialties 9 a.m.-7 p.m. seven days a week.

A quick study of the one-page menu will introduce diners to the traditional El Salvador pupusas. If business is a little slow, Flores will finish the lesson.

A homemade corn flour tortilla is stuffed with a choice of fillings, then fried on each side until brown. In El Salvador, it’s treated as finger food. The cup of tangy salad can be used as topping. Flores also makes the optional hot sauce, which she says is a bit hot for her taste.

Most diners would find the heat element just right. They also would find that two pupusas is plenty. The specialties can be filled with a mix of pork, beans and cheese, or with pork and cheese, or just pork or just refried beans. Other options include cheese and spinach and cheese and zucchini.

That’s just the top tier of the one-page menu. Guests also can choose from tamales, steak tacos, Puerto Rican empanadas, breakfast burritos and even wings and fries.

Soft drinks, coffee, hibiscus tea and horchata are available to go with the meals.

A meal of two pupusas and a horchata costs $9.75, plus tax.

“People who might have lived abroad can find a special dish from everywhere,” wrote Paola Flores, who manages social media for her mother.

Lola had a dream of opening a restaurant. She immigrated from El Salvador 21 years ago.

“Since that time, when she got married, she started making her own recipes,” Paola said. “My dad and all of my family members are always telling her that her food is so delicious. So she always had that dream to open a restaurant.”

Lola, her husband Raul, and family have been in Fort Wayne for about 12 years, after several years in New Jersey.

Paola said Lola has one goal with this restaurant.

“What she hopes is that through her meals, through her food, that she can make people feel happy,” Paola said. “We have a saying in Spanish, if I translate it literally, it’s like ‘if your stomach is happy then your heart will also be happy.’ She hopes that through her food, people will come to the restaurant and find joy through her meals.”

Patrons can enjoy food in the restaurant or order take-out. People can call ahead and pick their orders up at the drive-thru window, or they can also order food at at the register. Delivery is not offered at this time.

To order food ahead of time, call 260-402-9707.

“It’s my mother’s dream for about 21 years, and what she really hopes is that when people come to her cafe, that people will feel at home,” Paola said. “She would like to get to know her customers personally because my mom is a very social person, and she loves to hear people’s stories. So, what she would want is for her customers to be like her extended family to her. To provide a place that people not only come to enjoy good food but also make friends with them.”

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