Three Rivers Distilling’s hand sanitizer

Three Rivers Distilling has received a Foellinger Foundation grant to continue making hand sanitizer, which it now has available to the public.

Foellinger Foundation has awarded a $25,000 Innovative Rapid Grant to provide hand sanitizer to nonprofits and health care providers in Allen County.

The recipient, Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance, is the fiscal agent for Three Rivers Distilling Co., LLC. Three Rivers Distilling moved from the manufacture of spirits to hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Three Rivers Distilling Co. will create 4,300 gallons of sanitizer, in addition to the 1,700 gallons of sanitizer it has already distributed, according to a news release. Funding covers the supply costs to create the sanitizer. According to the company’s website, it costs $15 per gallon to make the hand sanitizer.

The sanitizer will be offered communitywide, with a focus on nonprofit organizations, first responders and direct health care workers.

“Three Rivers Distilling’s pivot to the manufacture of hand sanitizer — and providing it at no-cost to those most in need — exemplifies the fluid and flexible approach we’re eager to support through our Innovative Rapid Grants,” Cheryl Taylor, president, Foellinger Foundation, said in the release.

Marla Schneider, president, Three Rivers Distilling, said, “We are proud to provide hand sanitizer to those most at-risk, working in critical and essential service groups including local first responders, hospitals, nonprofits and care facilities.”

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