A crowd of superheroes, Disney characters, police, fire, EMS, city officials and other special guests amassed in front of Spudz Bar & Grill at the corner of Medford Drive and New Haven Avenue in New Haven on Saturday prior to the start of the first ever Superheroes Parade.

It was all about bringing “a little hope and joy to the neighborhoods during this time of quarantine,” according to Julie Kristin, director of operations for the Summit City Cause-Players, who helped to make the parade happen.

Shortly after noon, police sirens pierced the quiet, sunny Saturday afternoon in the Sunnymede neighborhood, alerting residents that the parade of superheroes was on the move.

More than a dozen vehicles led by a New Haven Police car started up the hill on Medford drive. Among the superheroes and Disney characters were Batman on a motorcycle, Star Lord and Dead Pool on another cycle, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast on an open trailer, Green Arrow and White Canary in the back of a pickup truck, Captain Jack Sparrow on a fire truck and Spider-Man in a convertible.

In addition, New Haven’s own superheroes, members of the Police and Fire departments, EMS and Public Works passed by in their vehicles. Special guests Miss New Haven, Reiley Grashoff, and Miss Three Rivers Festival, Kaitlyn Bestal, were on hand to wave to bystanders. Mayor Steve McMichael and members of the City Council were part of the entourage, as well.

The parade, which wound its way through nine New Haven neighborhoods, was the brain child of Julie Kristin, director of operations for the Summit City Cause-Players. The group makes public appearances throughout Allen County for charity events. Co-sponsor was the City of New Haven.

After leaving Sunnymede, the parade noisily proceeded through Meadowbrook, the Yellow Apartments near Lincoln Plaza, Pinestone, Scarborough, Yellow Apartments on Isabell, Tanglewood and Shordon.

Kristin said that “after the New Haven News ran the story about the planned parade the number of Superheroes increased by several and the number of vehicles involved more than doubled.”

“It was really great the way people came out to support the parade. It was our way to bring a little light and hope to New Haven during this most unusual time,” Kristin said.

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