Girl writes about why she likes living in Leo

Joe Worman, board president of the Cedar Creek Subdivision Community Association, presents a certificate and gift card to Lexi Hoggatt. Lexi, 10, wrote the winning essay describing life in her community and nation.

The community board of the Cedar Creek subdivision in Leo-Cedarville conduced an essay contest for Grades 6-12. Essays were to be titled “Why I Like Living in Cedar Creek Subdivision in Leo, Indiana, United States of America.” The contest winner was 10-year-old Lexi Hoggatt, sixth-grader at Leo Elementary School. On May 4 she was awarded her first-prize certificate and a $25 gift card by Joe Worman, board president.

Sponsors said Lexi’s essay “provides inspiration and comfort in these tough times”:

By Lexi Hoggatt

Do you like where you live or where you come from? Do you feel happy when you are with the people in your community? I feel proud that I live in Cedar Creek, Leo, Indiana, and the United States of America. Cedar Creek is a small neighborhood in Leo, Indiana. Cedar Creek’s residents all are kind and friendly. When you just take a walk or go on a bike ride, you’re almost guaranteed to have at least one person say “Hi” to you at some point.

Living in the small town of Leo is like a dream come true. Everyone in Leo is kind. Leo has good schools, places to eat and stores. I also like living in Leo because everyone I’ve talked to has a big personality that fits them perfectly. Anyone would be lucky to live in Leo. I like living in Indiana because there are fun things to do. Going to the Indy 500 or a Colts football game are very entertaining. Other good entertainment sources are going to the Indianapolis Zoo to see the many animals or Metea Park for exercise.

I like living in the United States of America because it is a free country and everyone has their free rights. The United States has the Bill of Rights that helps make everyone equal and have the rights that they deserve. I like the First Amendment best because it gives us the right to speak our mind, have our own religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and the freedom to petition the government.

The reasons I have previously said show how much I like living in the United States of America, Indiana, Leo, and in my small neighborhood of Cedar Creek. The community around us impacts the positive way that my family sees life.

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