Homestead High School under construction

Traffic is steered away from construction on the south side of Homestead High School.

Southwest Allen County Schools’ Homestead High School has been going through renovations, and the district released a video updating the community of its progress.

Director of District Communications Stacey Fleming narrates the video, and the updates from that will be highlighted below.

It starts with some history about Homestead High School. In 1970, the school opened, and there were 600 students the first year. Fleming explained that as the community has grown, so has the high school.

“After years of add-ons and expansions, the Homestead High School Additions and Renovations Project began in 2020,” Fleming said.

The project’s estimated cost is $169 million and should take about four years to complete.

Fleming explained what renovations have been in the works and what is to come.

A new building has been added behind the current Ninth-grade Academy north of the Spartan Stadium. She referred to it as the Citadel.

“This multi-purpose building will be home to Homestead’s alternative high school Impact, as well as our district’s health clinic for employees and their families,” Fleming said.

It will also have locker rooms for football, soccer, track and other outdoor activities. There is a new entrance to the stadium and a new ticket booth outside the building. This entrance provides access to the new Spartan Spirit Store.

This part of the project is expected to be completed by Spring 2022.

East of the Citadel, the new structure will serve as the student’s new main entrance to the high school, and the space outside will serve as the new bus loading zone.

“Outside the addition will be the new bus loading zone designed to be convenient, accessible and safe for our student riders,” Fleming said.

Just inside that area, the Spartan Fitness Center will be relocated. Homestead’s television and radio station will operate from this building as well.

The new competition gym is just south of the new student entrance. This gym will be able to hold up to 3,000 fans and will feature frosted windows for natural light and a center-suspended scoreboard.

East of campus, two auxiliary gyms and the new fine arts wing are being built. New band and choir rooms are in the plans, and the 1,000-person Grand Hall Auditorium is currently in progress. The balcony and stage work is underway, and roofing will be installed soon.

This area will be the entrance to the auditorium, and it will serve as the main entrance for guests and visitors.

The last part of the update was a glimpse of the new varsity softball and baseball fields. She said the new fields, dugouts, batting cages, grandstands, press boxes and concession areas would be complete for the first pitch this spring.

“SACS is pleased to see the progress of the Homestead High School Additions and Renovations project,” SACS Superintendent Park Ginder said. “Several of the new facilities and ancillary spaces are taking shape, and foundation work for the new two-story academic wing will start soon. It’s exciting to see aspects of the project that were merely drawings a year ago become actual brick and mortar.”

To watch the video in its entirety, visit

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