Classes resume at Homestead High School

A 50th anniversary celebration of Homestead High School will include tours starting at 4:30 p.m. Aug. 27. Visitors will enter at Door 1, nearest the sign along Homestead Road.

More than 50 years have passed since Homestead High School opened its doors, and now that COVID-19 restrictions are relaxing, the Spartan community is ready to celebrate.

Homestead Counselor Alyssa Braman is leading the way in planning the 50 years of Homestead High School celebration.

“We want this to be a celebration of 50 years of Homestead, and we want this to be an opportunity where we invite alumni, and even just the overall community, to celebrate the kickoff of the first home football game of the year,” Braman said.

It will begin at 4:30 p.m. Aug. 27. She said there will be a tailgate available in the staff parking lot where food, such as hamburgers, fries and hot dogs, will be served. Guided tours of Homestead will be taking place as well. Interested people can go to the main entrance, Door 1, that faces Homestead Road.

“We’re gonna open the building doors, and we’re going to be providing some guided tours to those who are interested,” Braman said. “They can kind of see the building walls before Homestead changes as we know it.”

According to Braman, Homestead High School opened its doors in 1970, but there was not a senior class that year. The first senior class graduated in 1972.

She said the original Homestead students are looking forward to this celebration.

“It’s really fun for the original graduates from 1972 and ‘73 and ‘74 to walk the building and reminisce on what things used to be,” Braman said. “It’s already completely different from the original building, but it’s nice because there are still some original parts. We want the community and the alumni to see that before truly everything changes.”

She said once the construction is complete, only 40% of the building will be renovated. The rest of the building will be brand new.

“It’s going to be hard for people to really recognize the original old Homestead, so we thought with its 50th birthday, we might as well celebrate that and allow people to walk the building,” Braman said.

At halftime of the football game, the original Homestead football team and coaches will be recognized. Braman said she has been in contact with these former players, and they are excited about this event. Some people are even traveling from out of state to be present.

One of the most interesting parts of planning this event for Braman, a 2006 Homestead alumna, has been hearing stories from her fellow Spartans.

“They’ve shared with me some really fun stories of what the first football games were like,” Braman said. “A cheerleader reached out to me and talked about creating the first fight song for the school. We even had an original student government member deciding what the school mascot was going to be. It’s bringing back some really fun memories.”

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