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Early last August, the Homestead High School sign announced registration for the 2019-20 school year. 2020 graduates finally will find some closure to their disrupted senior year with individual recognitions tonight and Thursday.

Homestead High School 2020 graduates may enjoy a moment of recognition tonight or Thursday in the school auditorium. The doors will be open to students and parents only.

This year's seniors and their parents or guardians were notified of the opportunity in a letter distributed Monday.

"We are sincerely proud of our students," Principal Park Ginder said in that announcement.

The COVID-19 pandemic had forced cancellation of the traditional graduation at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Ginder and staff then arranged to present diplomas over two evenings in the open air of the Spartan football stadium. The state's slower than expected recovery from the spread of the virus forced Gov. Eric Holcomb to extend restrictions on the size of public gatherings, forcing the school to cancel its graduation backup plan.

Now, the school has yet another plan to give each graduate at least a moment in the spotlight.

Students received detailed instructions on when to report, where to park and how to proceed in an orderly fashion.

Upon arrival, students will be asked to print their name on a card for the master of ceremonies. The night’s ceremony will not be presented in alphabetical order; rather, students will be recognized in the auditorium as they arrive. Participants will follow a predetermined path with floor markings clearly visible. Parents will remain with their graduate as they move through the line toward the auditorium.

Live-streaming links will be available via the school website and social media before and on the day of each event. The school asked graduates to share this link with friends and family:

Face coverings will be required for everyone while in the school. Students may remove their face coverings as they approach the stage.

Students must come to the event fully dressed (including all Homestead issued club cords, medals and stoles earned) and prepared for the evening.

Each individual recognition will include students walking across the stage receiving their diploma cover, pausing to pose on the stage giving parents the opportunity to take pictures. HHS is also currently working to obtain a photographer for this event. Upon completion of each individual walk, students and parents will exit the auditorium together and exit the building by Door 4.

Student speeches will be pre-recorded and broadcast via YouTube.

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