Searching for effective, reliable and compassionate health care services can be difficult. Helping elderly loved ones or those with mental health challenges manage a dizzying array of needs can be exhausting. Looking for appropriate community resources or trying to determine the right type of care is hard. Struggling to make sure bills are paid on time for loved ones unable manage their own finances is yet another hurdle that can be insurmountable.

Force Care Coordination +, LLC is an Aging Life Care company that provides an Aging Life Care Assessment of the client’s needs, including their social support, medical history, current medical needs, abilities, and financial situation. A cognitive screening tool and mood screening tool, along with a nutritional assessment is also done. The wholistic assessment supports the recommendations for extra assistance. Further, it helps the family determine the best care options for their loved one, Ruth Force, owner said.

“We provide a care plan tailored for each individual and their circumstances. It is prepared after a comprehensive assessment. The plan may be modified, in consultation with client and family, as circumstances change,” she said.

Advocate, liaison and communicator describe some of the qualities of the Aging Life Care professionals at Force Care Coordination+, LLC, 1910 St. Joe Center Road, Suite 35. Ruth Force and her staff guide families through the maze of local resources, quality care options and other services that are needed. They cover nine northeastern Indiana counties.

“Families who reach out to us for assistance are often adult children, nieces or nephews, who have full-time work and families of their own. They need an objective opinion from a third party about what services their loved ones need,” Force said. Adding, many families live out of state and need local assistance. (They need) someone they can trust and with whom they can rely on to help their parents.

The company’s tagline is: ‘When you can’t be there for your older loved one, we can’ “Offering peace of mind is the goal we strive to meet so that the relatives of our clients can enjoy their families knowing that their loved ones are in safe, reliable hands,” Force said.

Historically, our target audience has been adults age 65 and older, and their adult children, who need professional guidance determining care needs and the community resources to meet those needs. Additionally, we provide ongoing healthcare oversight to improve their quality of life.

Force is also contracted to help veterans manage their benefits.

“We are contracted with the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Indianapolis Fiduciary Hub, to provide local veterans with fiduciary services. These customers range in age and are part of the fiduciary program because they are unable to manage their VA benefit pay appropriately to meet their daily needs,” she said.

Force is no stranger to the needs, challenges and rewards of working with a geriatric population.

“I have been working with geriatrics for 25 years; this is my true journey in life. The wisdom and history they offer is immeasurable. I support my clients and their family members with compassion and respect. I firmly believe that we help others through the knowledge we can offer, respect of where they are at in their own life journey, and a guiding hand to help them meet their individual goals,” she said.

Force has found her niche in making a difference to those who need support and to their families.

“We are truly blessed to be able to help our community in this manner. We offer specialized care and work with all professional entities to meet the needs of our clients. I love nothing better than to see how our support and expertise ,enables families and our clients to genuinely enjoy their relationship without the worry. Quality of life for all involved is enhanced. We look forward too many years of serving our community,” Force said.

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