Sanko Gosei Technologies USA Inc., on Moeller Road just east of Maplecrest Road in New Haven, has started construction on a 50,000-square-foot structure. The new building will bring its total square footage to approximately 170,000 and allow future expansion of its plastic molded products.

“It will include a warehouse section for goods and shipping, a high-bay area for injection molding machinery and a two-story office extension,” Sanko Gosei Technologies USA Inc. CEO Laurence Tabner said. “It will allow us to improve our manufacturing capability, increase our capacity, streamline our material flow and enlarge our inventory storage.”

Not only will it bring more space for work, but it will also increase the workforce.

“In addition, we’ll be increasing our team by approximately 50 to a total of 280 employees,” said Tabner.

It will be a steel-frame building with an aluminum sheeting exterior in a sandstone color to match the current production facility. Completion and move-in are expected in April 2022. The building and new machinery cost $15 million. At that time, the stacks of materials and components stored outside on the east side of the plant will be relocated to the new structure.

“Operating through the pandemic has been tough,” Tabner said. “Many of our customers experienced shut-downs, and then along came the semi-conductor shortages. Overall, however, we were able to more than double our revenue forecast between 2015 and the present.”

Sanko is a Tier 1 supplier of exterior trim components for auto manufacturers in Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, South Carolina and Canada. The company purchased the property from Bahr Inc. in 2015 and is making similar products to those produced by Bahr. Ownership of Sanko is in Toyama, Japan. It operates a sister plant in Celaya, Mexico.

Tabner, a native of Lancashire, United Kingdom, has been a Sanko employee for 31 years, starting as a trainee tool designer. His corporate background includes tool design and manufacture, product design, development and manufacturing. He holds an aeronautical engineering degree from the University of Hertfordshire.

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