The following statement was read publicly by Northwest Allen County Schools board President Kent Somers at the school board meeting on June 28. Somers requested this be shared with media on behalf of the NACS School Board.

"We have recently had a vigorous public debate at Northwest Allen County Schools over issues important to our community. In issuing this statement, we purposefully have not addressed the merits of that debate or even raised its subject matter as it is not important to our current message. We are issuing this statement after learning that threats may have been made, or at least implied, against NACS representatives. To be clear, we fully support the First Amendment and the right to engage in legitimate disagreement, but we must unequivocally condemn any threat to our educators. Anyone engaging in such conduct – regardless of how it is communicated or their viewpoint – should expect the assistance of law enforcement to be requested. As we work through our differences, we ask everyone involved to demonstrate respect for those with whom they may disagree.

"We want to be clear that none of the Board members have reported any threats that would necessitate involvement of law enforcement. This is contrary to claims that have been shared on social media. Furthermore, other allegations of safety concerns regarding NACS employees have been forwarded to the NACS chief operating officer for investigation with law enforcement, and to report back to the Board their findings. As we are taking these assertions very seriously, false or inaccurate statements around this topic will not be tolerated."

Kent Somers, president

Elizabeth Hathaway, vice president

Kristi Schlatter, secretary

Steve Bartkus

Ron Felger

Board of School Trustees

Northwest Allen County Schools

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