Lauren Krinn, New Haven

New Haven resident and recent Concordia Lutheran High School graduate Lauren Krinn has her sights set on becoming an EMT on the New Haven Adams Township Fire Department. Her long-term goal is to be the department’s first female chief.

New Haven resident and May 2021 Concordia Lutheran High School graduate Lauren Krinn has set three career goals for herself. The first is to train to become an EMT on the New Haven Adams Township Fire Department. The second is to become a certified paramedic. Her third goal, which she admits is quite a ways in the future, is to become the department’s first ever female fire chief.

Krinn is no stranger to the workings of the Fire Department. Her father, Dan, is a captain with 28 years of service. She has been telling her parents that she wanted to be a firefighter since the age of 10 and made up her mind it would be her career path at 16. She’s been volunteering at the department for the past three years.

“Sure,” said Krinn, “the job is exciting, but the real reason I want to be a firefighter is to help people.” She’s already been on a dozen structure fire runs. Earning her EMT status involves six-and-a-half months of intensive training followed by written and skills tests. “After that I think I’ll get some experience in the department before going for the paramedic certification,” she said.

At the present, Krinn is stationed at Base 40 which is the fire station on Broadway in New Haven. Whenever there’s a run she’s available to help. Along with being a volunteer, she participates in training. Once a week, she washes trucks and makes sure all the equipment is working properly and is reliable. There are always the other necessary station upkeep jobs, too.

Last year, her senior year at Concordia, Krinn became a member of New Haven Mayor Steve McMichael’s Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council and served as its president. She delivered the State of the Youth speech at the mayor’s annual State of the City report at City Hall.

“I really learned a lot in MYAC and am sad I was only able to participate just one year," she said. "The program was reintroduced last year after being dormant for several years. It helped me improve my leadership and public speaking skills and we were involved in a lot of things going on in city government.

“I was honored to be asked by Mayor McMichael and his executive assistant, Deb Anne Smith, founder and director of MYAC, to work with the organization this school year as an adviser. I’ll be working closely with the students who were in MYAC with me last year and a group of new kids on developing skills and doing community projects. It will really be good experience for me.”

This summer she applied on Facebook and became a participant in the Allen County Fair Queen competition. “It was a great learning experience and it was fun to get dressed up and spend the day with the other contestants,” she said. If she would have been crowned Miss Allen County, she said, she would have loved to share with little children how much fun it is to dress up and wear a crown. “But all the time I couldn’t help thinking that in a minute’s notice I could be getting down and dirty on a fire run,” she said.

When Krinn’s not volunteering at the fire station, she’s working as a janitor at Central Lutheran Elementary School, where she attended. “I want to be able to show young girls that women can hold responsible positions in a male-dominated world,” she said.

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