A Monroeville staple is back and ready to serve customers.

Whippy Dip, located at 209 E. South St., opened Sept. 3 for the first time in more than a year.

In 2020, the iconic ice cream shop closed. The current owner, Andrea Spencer, grew up frequenting this establishment and wanted to bring it back to life.

“I grew up in Monroeville,” Spencer said. “I’m still in Monroeville, and we actually live right down the street from the Whippy Dip. It’s actually been here 50 years this year. It was just sad to see it sitting here unopened when it’s been such a big part of the community for so long.”

The potential of the business is what made her buy the property.

“We just saw it here empty, and we knew it had such good potential,” Spencer said. “We’ve seen it over the past how many years, and I talked to my husband about it, and he said why not give it a shot? We have two teenaged kids, and they are really excited about working here as well.”

Since Spencer spent her life in Monroeville, she has had many positive memories about Whippy Dip. She said while she was growing up, the food and ice cream were always good and it was a fun place to visit.

Spencer said that the menu is not as extensive as it was with the previous owners, but they plan on bringing the shop back to what it was when she was younger.

“The previous owner, he had a little bit of a larger menu with just some different things on it,” Spencer said. “We’ve kind of just taken it back to what it was before. Just simpler sandwiches like hamburgers, hot dogs and just the ice cream. It’s just kind of a basic menu. That’s what everyone has been asking for. Just keep it simple.”

To be able to bring something like Whippy Dip back to the community means so much to Spencer.

“It’s just really exciting for us,” Spencer said. “We’ve had so much support. I’ve started a Facebook page. We have over 1,600 friends that have followed us. It’s just really exciting. We’ve had multiple people stop by while we have been here working. Everybody around town is so excited for us to come back and see it continue.”

According to Spencer, the feedback from the town has been positive and supportive. She said there are not many restaurant options in Monroeville, so she said people were excited when they found out it was reopening.

Whippy Dip is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Spencer said the plan is to remain open through the winter months, but the hours could potentially change as needed.

Chocolate, vanilla and twist soft-serve ice cream is available and customers can add various types of candy to it. Other frozen treats offered are slushies, ice cream slushies, cool cookies, shakes, malts, sundaes and more. The frozen treats range from $1.25 for a baby cone to $4.25 for a large Flurrie.

As Spencer mentions, hamburgers and hot dogs will be on the menu, but various types of burgers and chicken sandwiches can be ordered. Customers can order just a sandwich or a basket with fries and coleslaw. Walking tacos, chicken tenders and kids meals are available as well.

“We hope that everyone comes and enjoys it like they used to,” Spencer said. “There have been several people from out of town as well that have stopped by to see when we are going to open, so it’s always good to get people out of the community as well.”

Spencer wanted to thank the people who helped her open her business.

“I just want to thank my family, my parents have been a tremendous support,” Spencer said. “My brother and his wife own the Moontower Tavern here in Monroeville, and they have been great helping us get in contact with vendors and things like that. I just want to thank everybody for their support. I also need to thank my husband, Scott, for being so supportive in this new adventure.”

Pamela Lortie Berning, a Monroeville resident, is looking forward to patronizing the Whippy Dip.

“I would say Monroeville is well known for the Whippy Dip,” Lortie Berning said. “I have friends that pass through town from all over the state, and they always like to stop for a meal or a treat. I look forward to the reopening.”

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