Mother's Day hanging baskets at Parent Road Greenhouse

Hanging baskets are popular gifts for Mother’s Day, says Clara Lengacher, owner of Parent Road Greenhouse.

With Mother’s Day approaching quickly, nurseries are seeing a rush of visitors, seeking all sorts of plants and flowers to gift.

The plants have been sitting in their safe, warm, covered green havens since February and are now ready to be transplanted into new permanent homes.

Parent Road Greenhouse, at 15019 Parent Road in New Haven, is owned by Amish woman Clara Lengacher and her family. Its rich history goes back 35 years to when Clara’s mother, Barbara, ran the greenhouse. Though Barbara passed in 2013, tradition is still going strong today.

A variety of items are available including hanging baskets, which are a favorite for Mother’s Day, Lengacher said.

“We usually do a lot of vegetables, annuals, and herbs,” Lengacher said.

Many annual and perennial flower favorites are available, but people also make special order requests, which Lengacher is happy to make happen.

Mostly, special orders tend to be flowers, according to Lengacher. While prices vary based on item, Lengacher’s favorite flowers are the Proven Winners, which offer large colored blooms with a long life.

This year, Proven Winner has a few new petunias available.

While they don’t sell equipment, tomato cages are available for purchase. Unlike other greenhouses in the area, this greenhouse is operated on the family farm and is heated without electricity.

Hours are Monday=Friday, from 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; and Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. The greenhouse is closed Sunday.

People looking for non-plant items can also find fresh produce and other Amish baked good such as bread, thanks to a large garden patch nearby, which Lengacher tends. The small shed nearby also offers authentic Amish butter noodles.

For more information about Parent Road Greenhouse, call 260-409-1062.

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