Cassie Lepper

Cassie Lepper is the new director of Special Services at East Allen County Schools. 

A familiar face is taking over as director of Special Services at East Allen County Schools, as Connie Brown retired after 14 years of service.

Cassie Lepper, supervisor for special education at EACS, steps into this position July 1.

“I have worked in EACS for 12 years in the area of special education,” Lepper said. “I am dedicated to the success of EACS students, specifically those with disabilities. I want to be the voice for a population of people who are so often underrepresented in many areas.”

Her current role is to oversee the programming for 1,500 students with a disability from ages 3-22.

“At EACS, we provide a wide range of programming options for students with disabilities,” Lepper said. “The programming options could include minimal up to highly intensive supports and services for varying intellectual and behavioral needs. I have the privilege of overseeing and supporting 80-plus amazing special education teachers and related service providers.”

She was a preschool special education teacher and an elementary special education teacher before her supervisor role.

Lepper has a few ideas in mind to help make this department run more smoothly. She intends to ask for feedback from the current stakeholders to learn where they see opportunities for growth and improvement. Discussing department improvements with coworkers and parents is something she will be doing as well.

“I look forward to collaborating with staff members, administrators and parents to determine next steps for efficiency,” Lepper said. “EACS students can expect that I will always put their best interest at the forefront of the decisions made.”

While she has a master’s in special education with a license from Ball State University as a director of special education, more training will be involved when she assumes this role. She feels that her previous experiences helped prepare her as well.

“Working closely with the previous administration and the experiences I have gained working with numerous building administrators, teachers and parents has prepared me for what is to come with this position,” Lepper said. “With that said, I am a firm believer in continuous learning and know I will continue to grow and develop in this position. I also plan to participate in new director training that is provided by the IDOE.”

Along with her duties at EACS, she also sits on The University of Saint Francis’ Teacher Education Advisory Council. This opportunity allows her to share her expertise in ensuring that the teacher preparation program develops educators to facilitate and advance learning in a diverse, ever-changing society, she said.

This position is a goal that Lepper has had, and she is so excited to achieve it.

“I would also like to say how excited I am to have this opportunity to serve in this role for EACS,” Lepper said. “This position has been my aspiration for a few years now, and I cannot wait to get started.”

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