Digital speed detectors in New Haven

Two digital speed indicators are being used throughout New Haven to let drivers know their speed compared to the posted limit. The devices collect information on the peak times speeding occurs. The indicators do not photograph speeding drivers.

New Haven Police Department is employing new technology to help it develop a database identifying areas around the city where speeding is prevalent. The new equipment will collect information concerning peak travel hours so officers can be more efficiently deployed.

According to New Haven Chief of Police Jeff McCracken, two of the brief-case-size digital units were purchased in late November and have been installed at a couple locations. “The units are light weight, very portable and can easily be attached to the speed limit signs,” McCracken said. “One was first used on Green Road and has provided us with a lot of good information about the peak travel times and the speeds registered by drivers during those times.

“We’ve chosen to use this equipment first of all as a reminder to drivers of their current speed. I’m sure many drivers are at times unaware of the speed they’re traveling. The flashing digital display will get their attention and let them know their speed compared to the posted limit.”

McCracken emphasized that the units only record speed and time. They do not photograph speeders.

“The other important reason for utilizing this equipment is to ensure the safety of New Haven residents,” he continued. “Over the years we’ve received calls from concerned citizens in several neighborhoods about drivers proceeding through the area at high speeds. With this equipment we can identify the peak time when speeding takes place so we can have officers at those locations.

“We don’t have enough staff to have officers posted for long periods in a neighborhood. We can also use speed bumps to slow traffic.”

Information from the digital speed indicators will be downloaded and the units will be moved every two to three weeks and installed in new locations. They’re presently located on Moeller Road across from the entrance to Scarborough addition and in the Meadowbrook addition.

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