To the editor:

“Masks will not be mandatory at the Trump rally” were some of the now dead Herman Cain’s last tweets. People are fed up, he declared!

Local schools have decided to re-open and now parents will have to decide whether or not to send their child back for in-person learning. At the present time under no circumstance would I endanger my child or the general public by engaging in a plan in which the theme is, let’s see what happens.

I’m fully experienced in the raise a child while going to work thing. I know the bills and expenses continue on even when we can’t. However, ignoring the facts and risks is not going to keep our community safe. Ask yourself how has the response been to stopping this pandemic gone so far? The Trump House has decided instead having one well-coordinated universal plan of attack to have 50 completely different strategies working at once.

What is most disturbing is the Trump House was able to come up with a coordinated blame plan which has included outright lies and a campaign of misinformation; 154,000 Americans dead and the only widespread rapid test plan available has been that of the White House and NBA.

Has anyone in charge over opening the schools made any declaration of responsibility to the parents, teachers, custodians or this community? In other words, who is going to take financial or legal responsibility for any losses occurred by the decision to open schools? A child can get sick ... survive, then be left with a lifelong health condition. A condition which may impact their future health care costs and will definitely be used against them as a pre-existing condition. Where is the legal/financial protection for anyone? The only thing I have heard is legal immunity for the decision makers.

Instead of risking someone else’s life, why not let these decision makers attend classes for a week under the same current guidelines? If none of them get sick or die then maybe it will be safe for our children who are not the decision makers. Adults have a responsibility to children regardless of any harm to themselves to always take action which is in the best interest of the child. This action shows little respect for a common value I thought we all share. I am not saying anyone is on purpose jeopardizing our children, but in practice you are.

Stop depending on the truth coming from Trump, Pence, Banks or Braun. They along with the American Tea Party are engaged in a battle with common sense, decency and the facts. Facts which include children 10 years and older are able to get or give this disease just like adults. I would like to know what IOSHA laws protect employees working in a possible dangerous diseased environment.

The state of Indiana shut down in March with seven deaths and 259 positive cases of COVID-19. We now have almost 2,800 deaths and 70,000 reported positive COVID-19 cases just four months later, with daily positives around 900 and we are opening schools.

The decision makers must be held accountable if the safety of our community is put at risk because of their decisions.

Michael P. Gillespie


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