HUNTERTOWN — Town Council members are scheduled to vote on an amendment to the town’s noise ordinance at their first meeting in March. The amendment, which was introduced Feb. 18, would allow elected officials to enforce the ordinance, in addition to the Allen County Sheriff’s Department.

The amendment is a response to several complaints council has received regarding alleged noise violations by Rise Performance Training on Tally Ho Drive. During the council’s Feb. 3 meeting, three residents brought complaints to council regarding loud music coming from the gym. One resident, Talia Johnson, who lives on nearby Pheasant Run, has brought concerns to council several times.

“It’s ridiculous. I can’t even open my windows when it’s nice out,” Johnson said, adding that four of her neighbors — some of whom want to remain anonymous — have complained about the noise.

During the council’s Feb. 3 meeting, Resource Officer Kevin Surface said he has visited the gym several times, but that he did not find the business in violation of the town’s noise ordinance.

Last week, Town Council President Mike Aker, Town Manager Beth Shellman and Clerk-Treasurer Ryan Schwab said they could hear loud music coming from the gym while they were at the bank next door. The amendment would allow them to enforce the ordinance if they happen to catch a violation.

“We came back and researched the ordinance, and realized that we need to put an enforcing authority or clause in there like we have with most of our other ordinances,” Shellman said.

Council members Pat Freck and Gary Grant were absent during last week’s meeting, so the amendment adoption has been postponed until March.

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