As a teenager growing up in the Leo/Grabill area, Danielle Coulter was always a very welcomed and much appreciated guest at her friends’ homes. In fact, parents loved when Coulter would visit because she would always help her friends clean their rooms and tidy up household spaces. As Coulter tells it, “I have always loved cleaning, and I like to leave every place better than I found it.”

Coulter, now 37, and a single mom of three kids, has always used cleaning as a mechanism to deal with stress. “Right before I permanently left the house where I lived with my former husband, I cleaned it for five hours,” she noted. After separating, Coulter and her kids downsized from their 3,800-square-foot home into a mobile home. “That required a lot of minimalization,” said Coulter. “I had to get very creative with space and organization.”

In her spare time, Coulter would often help friends with organization projects. After completing one large closet makeover, her friend told her that “people would pay money for you to do this.” That comment planted the seed for Coulter to start her new business, Hot Mess Mamas LLC.

“I know a lot of moms that feel like they are hot messes,” Coulter said. “They feel like no matter what they do, they can never catch up with all the responsibilities they face. They wish they could get their lives organized, and that would allow them time to be a better mom. I started this business with the goal of helping those moms bring some order into their lives.”

After researching how to officially start a business, and taking the appropriate legal steps to incorporate, Coulter launched her business in March 2021. With a simple post on Facebook, she hoped to pick up one or two clients to help her supplement her income from her current full-time position.

The post brought her enough business to book her schedule for nearly three months, doing her company’s work in the evenings and on weekends. She also incorporates her kids into the company’s work, as they assist her with projects. “My son Damien, who is almost 14, is my ‘muscle mover.’ My daughter Morgan, who is almost 12, helps me with organizing bathrooms and cupboards under my supervision. My son Ridley, who is almost 8, is called ‘the occupier.’ He can fit into small spaces when needed, and he helps occupy the client’s kids as we go through the editing process. We’re building this business together as a family,” Coulter said. The business has grown enough that Coulter has also hired a part-time cleaner to assist her on assignments.

Coulter has discovered that there are many other people in need of her assistance beyond her targeted “hot mess moms.”

“I was contacted by a local Realtor about helping a senior couple who was getting ready to downsize and put their house up for sale. I worked with them on downsizing their 4-bedroom home with a basement. It was a 4,200-square-foot house. We decluttered, packed, organized, cleaned and staged their home for real estate listing photos,” Coulter said. “It was a 16-hour project, and the house sold for $50,000 over the listing price within just 24 hours of going on the market. Making the house look good definitely paid off for the homeowners.”

Prices for Hot Mess Mamas LLC services are customized, based on the project and the client’s needs. “I will set up a free consultation with the client,” noted Coulter. “I assess their situation, determine what will be involved in the work needed, and will offer a package price or an hourly price, depending on the situation.”

The company’s services include helping clients go through the editing process for downsizing, a chore that can be difficult for many because of sentimental attachment. “We pull everything out of a room and go through their things to determine what we can get rid of, sell or donate. This step must involve the client, because we will never get rid of anything without the client’s permission. You can have stuff, but our belief is ‘every place has a thing, and every thing is in its place,’” Coulter said. “I’m a little bit of a psychologist, too, helping people make decisions that they can get rid of something.”

Once the editing process has been completed, Coulter works on bringing in organization systems to bring order to the home. “We will give the home a good cleaning, and we will haul away the trash and things for donation,” she said. Coulter also will help organize and set up for garage sales.

Lyndsey Williams used the services of Hot Mess Mamas to help her organize a large walk-in closet. “After working with Danielle, my everyday life was impacted greatly. I was more efficient, less stressed, and better prepared to keep my things in order,” noted Williams. “She simplified my life and created a newfound order I was not able to create on my own.”

For more information on the services offered by Hot Mess Mamas LLC, contact Coulter at

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