As the 2020-21 school year drew to an end, Fort Wayne Community Schools said goodbye to 103 retirees with more than 2,717 combined years of service.

"The district wishes the best to the teachers, bus drivers, classroom assistants, secretaries and administrators, all of whom dedicated many years to making the lives of children better," the FWCS district said in a statement. "The years of service for this year’s group of retirees range from 10 to 52 and includes many veteran educators, who made a significant different in the lives of students over the decades."

While most on the list worked through the school year, some of those listed are already several months into their retirements.

The following are the retirees FWCS honors for the 2020-21 school year, with their positions and years of service:

Carol Freck, Family & Consumer Science teacher, Northrop High School, 52

Cynthia Fabyanic, Fine Arts Teacher, Blackhawk Middle School, 45

Pamela Blauser, Help Desk Supervisor, Technology, 43.5

E. Kent Martz, Principal, Weisser Park Elementary School, 43

Linda Johnson, Assistant Principal, Northrop High School, 43

Carol Baker, ELL Teacher, Adams Elementary School, 42.5

Ethel Jean Robinson, Special Education Teacher, South Side High School, 42.5

Karl Fadus, Bus Technician, Transportation, 42

Cynthia Grabner, PE/Health Teacher, South Side High School, 40

Kevin Klee, Marching Band Director, Snider High School, 40

Lynn Wehrenberg, Speech/Language Pathologist, Special Education, 39

Linda Douglas, Music Teacher, Waynedale Elementary School, 37.5

Kendra Bauman, ELL Teacher, Shawnee Middle School, 37

Dawn Amstutz, Kindergarten Teacher, Price Elementary School, 36.5

Amy Brown, Third-grade Teacher, Arlington Elementary School, 36

Jeffery Herman, ROTC Instructor, Wayne High School, 36

Sally Arnett, Second-grade Teacher, Arlington Elementary School, 36

Patricia Manore, Special Education Assistant, Harrison Hill Elementary, 35

Donna Diaz, Secretary, Special Education Psychological Services, 35

William Hollenberg, Science Teacher, Northrop High School, 34.5

John Greuter, Fourth-grade Teacher, St. Joseph Central Elementary, 34

Laurie Wenger, ELL Teacher, Maplewood Elementary School, 34

Susan Iskra, Clerk, Special Education, 34

Patricia Gerdom, Third-grade Teacher, Waynedale Elementary School, 33.5

Tamara Miller, Interventionist, Franke Park Elementary School, 33.5

Isabel Cutchin, Instructional Assistant, Croninger Elementary School, 33

Carolyn Austin, Administrative Assistant, Waynedale Elementary, 32

Danial Wenger, Social Studies Teacher, Lakeside Middle School, 31

Kirk Schmidt, PE Teacher, Jefferson Middle School, 31

Pamela Hoose, Fourth-grade Teacher, Forest Park Elementary School, 31

Karen McClure, School Improvement Liaison, Lakeside Middle School, 31

Alice Thornton, Bus Driver, Transportation, 30

Donley Bell, Transportation Project Leader, Technology, 30

Catherine Trevino, Secretary, Wayne High School, 29.5

Carolyn Kaiser, English Teacher, Snider High School, 29.5

Christine Lechleitner, Resource Teacher, Irwin STEM Magnet School, 29.5

Brenda Warren, Case Manager, Waynedale Elementary School, 29.5

Kathleen Meyer, Secretary, Continuing Education, 29

Julie Boggess, Non-Public Resource Teacher, Title I, 29

Karen Knox, Resource Teacher, Center for Academic Success, 29

Kimberly Blum, Speech/Language Pathologist, Price Elementary, 29

Sandra Kennedy, Special Education Teacher, Portage Middle School, 29

Janet Daugherty, Secretary, Office of the Superintendent, 28

Michele Scott, Special Education Teacher, Kekionga Middle School, 28

Anne Crist, Secretary, Facilities, 28

Linda Ryan, Instructional Assistant, Arlington Elementary School, 27

Annette Johnson, Line Manager, Nutrition Processing Center, 26

Clare Davich, PE Teacher, St. Joseph Central Elementary School, 25

Lisa Williams, Instructional Support Facilitator, Special Education, 25

Julie Miller, Clerk, Transportation, 25

Kathleen Walter, Secretary, Purchasing, 24.5

Joni Fleckenstein, Special Education Assistant, Indian Village Elementary, 24.5

William Darrah, Social Studies Teacher, FWCS Career Academy, 24.5

Arlene Townsend, Bus Driver, Transportation, 24.5

Jeri Magdy, Second-grade Teacher, Lincoln Elementary School, 24

Pamela Hennessey, Fourth-grade Teacher, Price Elementary School, 24

Sheryl Klein, Secretary, Northwood Middle School, 24

Jane Grabill, Second-grade Teacher, Glenwood Park Elementary, 23.5

Kathleen Reynolds, Media Teacher, Northwood Middle School, 23.5

Janet Windsor, Media Clerk, Abbett Elementary School, 23.5

Terri Shimp, Technology Coordinator, Waynedale Elementary, 23

Julie Thessin, Special Education Assistant, Blackhawk Middle School, 23

Cheryl Claypool, Special Education Assistant, Northcrest Elementary, 22.5

Kim Riethmiller, Instructional Assistant, Croninger Elementary School, 22

Cynthia Shelby, Special Education Teacher, Study Elementary School, 21.5

Rae Bowman, Special Education Assistant, Snider High School, 21.5

Beverly Stier, Internal Auditor, Business Office, 21

Margaret Zartman-Radike, Psychologist, Special Education Psychological Services, 21

Sherri Bradshaw, Second-grade Teacher, Croninger Elementary School, 21

Valerie Byers-Brown, First-grade Teacher, Adams Elementary School, 21

Madonna Guyse, Special Education Assistant, Brentwood Elementary, 21

Sandra Craig, Special Education Assistant, Shawnee Middle School, 21

Jennifer Anderson, Special Education Assistant, Snider High School, 21

Theresa Morgan, Special Education Assistant, Holland Elementary, 20.5

Norma Easterday, Secretary, Brentwood Elementary School, 20.5

James Megles, Fifth-grade Teacher, Brentwood Elementary School, 20

Lori Schmidt, School Improvement Liaison, Franke Park Elementary, 20

Gary Ansberry, Bus Driver, Transportation, 20

Betty Guy, Special Education Assistant, Wayne High School, 19.5

Daniel Shepherd, Assistant Supervisor, Nutrition Services, 19.5

Steven Archer, Bus Driver, Transportation, 19.5

Daniel Vorndran, Senior Network Technician, Technology, 18.5

Candace Hagar, Director, Nutrition Services, 18

Caril Lucas, Data Trainer, English Language Learners, 18

Rosie Starks, Cafeteria Assistant, North Side High School, 17

Susan Fyfe, Special Ed Teacher, Irwin STEM Magnet School, 17

Amy Hollenberg, Science Teacher, Northrop High School, 16.5

Katheryn Hunt, Kindergarten Teacher, Croninger Elementary School, 16.5

Minerva Snyder, Baker, Wayne High School, 15.5

Carol Frecker, Instructional Assistant, Waynedale Elementary, 15.5

Michele Grindle, Instructional Assistant, Blackhawk Middle School, 15.5

Karen VanCleave, Case Manager, Washington Elementary School, 15

Mary Keeney, Science Teacher, Lakeside Middle School, 15

Melanie Hall, Director of Philanthropy, 15

Jannie Wyatt, Case Manager, Croninger Elementary School, 15

Lori Bouwsma, School Assistant, Jefferson Middle School, 15

Rick Templeton, Bus Technician, Transportation, 14.5

Roxanne Lewis, Bus Driver, Transportation, 14

Kenneth Campbell, Bus Driver, Transportation, 13

Max Royer, Bus Driver, Transportation, 11

Thomas Klein, Bus Driver, Transportation, 10

Patricia Blaising, Bus Driver, Transportation, 10

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