The Fort Wayne Community School Board awarded scholarships and other awards at its May 24 meeting.

A variety of scholarship recipients were recognized.

Asia Wilson from North Side High School received the Lily Endowment Scholarship, which includes four years of tuition as well as $900 additional per year for books. Wilson will attend the University of Saint Francis and study education and sports training.

Sixth-grader Samantha Vance was awarded the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. The award includes a $2,500 scholarship, silver medallion and virtual celebration. Vance was also selected as one of 10 national honorees, meaning she will receive an additional $5,000 scholarship and a $5,000 grant to a charity of her choice.

The following FWCS scholarships were awarded.

• Caroline Zwick Scholarship:

Shelby Lindley from South Side High School

• Kasey Harter Scholarship

Carl Suba from Northrop High School

• Bill C. Anthis Scholarship

Logan Ross from New Tech Academy

• Shahnaz Shipchandler Scholarship

Carlynda Nguyen from Northrop High School

• Reagon Swinford Memorial Scholarship

Nay Naing from New Tech Academy at Wayne High School

• Charles Baker Scholarship

Zoe McGee from New Tech Academy

• Alice MacPherson Scholarship

Grace Mancia from North Side High School

• Clarence & Josephine Biedenweg Scholarship

Josie Butler and Tyler Kaiser, both from Snider High School

• Lee Family Scholarship

Ei Ei Pyo and Alexis Robinson, both from North Side High School

• John & Maryann Chapman Scholarship

Mahlet Abebe, Yoselin Diaz, Ana Bela Djurovic-Topalovic, and Gwendolyn Pettibone, all from North Side High School

• Grace Hogan Scholarship

Micah Hubley and Amir Williams from Snider High School

Sajahane Lloyd from Wayne High School

Austin Tran from Northrop High School

• John F Young Scholarship

Faith Allison and Katlyn Borchelt from Snider High School

Isaac Combs, Jenna Moor and Jose Nino from South Side High School

Wigdan Hissein and Emily Jackson from Northrop High School

• Richard & Patricia Wilson Scholarship

Keaton Grider from South Side High School and Shelby Romines from North Side High School

• Nathaniel Saul Wittenberg Scholarship

Alexandria Bortner from Northrop High School

• Noel Hupp Entrepreneur Scholarship

Renee Liu from Northrop High School

• Nurse Moira Scholarship

Hannah Johnson of Northrop High School

Per board secretary Julie Hollingsworth, the total amount of scholarships is approximately $250,000.

“Some of the scholarship awardees were future teachers, so they need to stay in contact with us. We’d love to have them,” said FWCS Superintendent Mark Daniel.

Also, Hollingsworth spoke about her recent trip to Washington Elementary to witness a program done by students on everyday heroes, which was interpreted through dance.

“The school and their staff really put on a great program. It was well attended by the parents. Thank you for the invite,” she said.

Also, new administrators were welcomed, specifically principals, including J.R. Anbruck, Courtney Gremaux, Rachel Merz, Claire Paul, Melissa Plum, Stacey Schortgen, Jasmine Goalie, Byron Brown and Riley Johnson.

“Dr. Daniel was so impressed by the new group of principals, those being reassigned to those coming on board,” board member Steve Corunna said.

The next board meeting will take place Monday, June 14, at 6 p.m.

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