It’s time to sharpen your mower blades.

The City of Fort Wayne’s Tall Grass/Weed Program is in effect as of May 24. Neighborhood Code Compliance is responsible for enforcing the City’s Tall Grass/Weed Program, which calls for weeds or grass to be no taller than nine inches.

The public can now report high grass or weeds that exceed nine inches by calling 311 or 260-427-8311 to report a possible violation. Online reports may be filed at Individuals reporting a violation will need to have the property’s specific street address to register the concern.

“The Tall Grass/Weed Program helps keep our neighborhoods looking good and protects property values,” said Mecca Abdullah-Jordan, interim Neighborhood Code Compliance director in a news release. “The program is also essential to maintaining health and safety because it helps with rodent and mosquito control.”

Neighborhood Code Compliance employs eight seasonal, part-time inspectors who respond to concerns from the public but also act proactively to identify high grass and weeds, particularly along high-traffic corridors.

When inspectors determine there is a violation, they take date-stamped electronic photos and post a placard on the cited property. As a courtesy, an abate notice is mailed to the owner of record who then has five days to correct the violation. After five days, the city’s mowing contractors will inspect to see if the property is in compliance and if not, they will mow and also take date-stamped before- and after-photos. The owner then will be charged for the mowing; if the invoice is not paid within 30 days, a lien will be placed on the property.

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