Canterbury School has issued its “Returning to Campus 2020-21” re-entry plan. Students report to school Aug. 26.

The independent school’s plan includes safety precautions and information about selecting remote learning as an option for Canterbury families. Get details at

“In the brief time that I have served as Canterbury’s Head of School, I have been awestruck by the love and commitment that this community feels for our school,” said David Jackson, Canterbury’s new Head of School as of July 1. “It will take every ounce of that love and commitment to successfully navigate this school year. This document provides the road map for that successful navigation.”

The document presents an outline of how Canterbury will provide the safest learning environment possible in the 2020-21 school year. Aside from general safety practices daily, Canterbury School will also implement three precautionary phases (blue, yellow, red) throughout the 2020-21 school year. The decision to change the precautionary phase level will be at the discretion of the school administration, taking into account the increase of COVID-19 cases in Allen County and school-based knowledge of cases directly affecting Canterbury School. The level will be indicated on the Canterbury website, as well as at entry doors. The school will send an email to the Canterbury community each time a precautionary level changes.

“Canterbury School is committed to its mission of building lives of purpose, passion, and meaning for every artist, athlete, and scholar,” the school said in an announcement. “An essential part of that commitment is creating a safe learning environment for all Canterbury students, staff, and visitors.”

Canterbury is asking parents to help to ensure the safety of the Canterbury community. “ ... we are asking all parents to sign a Canterbury Pledge to conduct daily temperature checks, health screenings, and to honor the need to keep children at home when they exhibit symptoms of illness,” the school wrote.

The school asked parents to indicate their remote learning preference by July 27, to allow time to prepare the teaching staff for the school year. Parents selecting remote learning were asked to commit to completing a quarter under that arrangement.

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