The Huntertown Town Council met March 29 with only one item on the agenda — what to do about an unpopular road project just east of S.R. 3 on Carroll Road. About two dozen people attended the meeting, which had been moved to Huntertown Elementary School to allow space for the expected crowd.

The project would add a median strip, preventing left-hand turns into the Carroll Oaks neighborhood as well as into Walgreens on the north and CVS on the south. The town’s failure to comply with the county standards that require the median strip would jeopardize federal money for the project.

Gary Grant, Huntertown Town Council president, told the audience “our No. 1 responsibility is you folks and making it safe.” He said he looked at crash data for that site and in 2019 there were nine crashes. “Five were going to happen if there was a barrier or not,” he said. All were non-injury crashes.

Grant said he is waiting on crash data from the next street east on Carroll, Shearwater Run. That neighborhood connects to Carroll Oaks, and residents expressed concern their neighborhood would see a higher volume of traffic once a left turn onto Mossy Oak is prohibited.

Sandy Frick, president of the Carroll Oaks neighborhood association, said a letter that was supposed to be sent to residents notifying them of the meeting was never sent out. She said another meeting should be called, after a letter is sent out to all residents..

Steve Harris, president of Shearwater, suggested the meetings also should be put on the Town of Huntertown’s Facebook page to spread the word.

Regarding the road project issue, Harris said, “We already have a traffic issue.” Creating a barrier at Mossy Run, he said, “compounds all across the board.”

Several in the audience said they would be willing to accept an Option 7 that would allow left turns into Mossy Oak Run, Walgreens and CVS from Carroll Road, but would not allow left turns coming out onto Carroll Road.

John Miller, chief operations officer for Northwest Allen County Schools, sent a letter to the Town Council saying the school system prefers Option 7.

The next Town Council meeting was scheduled for April 5.

Grant said the council has some time remaining before they have to decide on the project.

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