Fort Wayne Pinball Wizard's World Arcade, Well Grounded Cafe team up

30 players from six states spent seven hours participating in The Women of Wizard’s World WOW 1 Women’s Pinball Tournament. The tournament partnered with Huntertown’s Well Grounded Cafe for caffeine and desserts.

Fort Wayne Pinball Wizard’s World Arcade recently hosted The Women Of Wizard’s World WOW 1 Women’s Pinball Tournament.

30 players from six states spent seven hours battling it out, but not without their morning caffeine delivered by Sherry Myers of Well Grounded Cafe.

“They brought us personalized coffee orders in the morning, asked each of us ahead of time what we wanted, had it ready for us when we got there,” said Deborah Tahlman. “They bought us gluten free pizza (those of us who needed it) ... Mike and his crew took care of this field of players in a way I’ve never experienced. I love all my tournaments and my pinball trips; this one easily logs in as a top 5 for me.”

Timmy’s produced the Gluten Free pizza and between rounds the players could walk to Peppi’s for more food and beverage options.

This isn’t the first time the Lima Plank businesses have teamed up. In June, 108 players from 12 states, were in town for the WWW 3 Pinball Tournament.

From This Day Forward had a dessert (supplied by volunteers and Well Grounded) and walking taco fundraiser so we ordered our desserts from them and some walking taco’s were purchased by the players. Food from Peppi’s was also purchased.

Emily Sweeney from Chicago is the Inaugural WOW 1 Women of Wizard’s World Fort Wayne Belles and Chimes Champion. Sweeney earned a spot on The Wizard’s World Wall of Fame and $1,000. She had ten first place finishes on the day. This win should move her up 40 places in the Women’s World Standings, based on the estimated wppr’s.

Elizabeth Gieske, Bre Reynolds and Deb Dull finished in the top four. Gieske earned ten first place finishes on her way to a runner-up finish and $500. Reynolds claimed third place and $250. Reynolds had eight first place finishes including a streak of five that was very close to being ten in a row. Dull placed fourth earning $100. Dull was the top local finisher and earned ten first place finishes.

If 100 players participate in WOW 2 in 2022, a new pinball machine will be given away.

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